Free career help offered in 4 major Connecticut cities

Danbury, Waterbury, Torrington and Hamden are the cities on the radar for the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Workshops, which are taking place throughout the month of January. What’s more, like all of the American Job Centers, the career services offered are completely free to jobseekers and are well worth taking advantage of because experts will be there to help, no matter what career stage attendees are in.

Agency spokesperson, Nancy Steffens from the Connecticut Department of Labor, stated “these workshops at the American Jobs Centers offer great resource opportunities for those new to the job market as well as for those seeking a better position. From résumé development workshops to those offering ways to build upon computer and networking knowledge, jobseekers can obtain valuable strategies and skills for landing the jobs they want.”

Only some of the many free services offered at these Employment and Training Workshops in the month of January: LinkedIn critiques, cover letter help, computer courses, financial aid review, job search strategies, online tutorial workshops, résumé basics and critiques, career seminars, online job application tips, Meyers Briggs Indicator (MBTI) Career and Personality test, interviewing techniques, and networking opportunities. There’s something of value for any jobseeker wanting career advice.

Similar workshops are more frequent in the smaller Connecticut Department of Labor office locations. However, the selection of professional career services is more diverse in the larger city locations. For a complete schedule of employment and training workshops, visit the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Connecticut Works website. Electronic job bank employer recruitment events, job fairs and career information are also some of the additional services to find out about in the New Year.

Written by Alicia Sakal for Examiner.

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