A Lakeside Northern Cardinal and His Songbirds

Without question, a male cardinal’s vibrant shades of red always stand out from any winter backdrop, like the muted shades of blue and gray emanating from the Lake or brown textures from a barren bush or tree.

Equally as beautiful in her own right is the female Northern Cardinal with soft olives, golden-reds, and gray coloring.

Just before the winter storm songbird guests, otherwise known as “the commoners,” are fed. Albeit, they’re as equally sweet and enchanting to watch and listen to while they go about their day. The male cardinal is always in charge and oversees and protects them.

A tiny song sparrow, black-capped chickadee – known to bring good luck – and tufted titmouse are “regulars” who feast on birdseed and fill their bellies whenever there’s a break in the snowfall.

It’s such a simple act, to partake in this gift of life. 

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Photos: © Alicia Sakal, 2021. All rights reserved.


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