6 Companies Hiring 1,330 Employees in Connecticut

Today, the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) – Office of Research released their monthly Business and Employment Changes Announced in the Media report. In the month of June, six companies announced plans to collectively hire a total of 1,330 employees.

FedEx will hire 500 employees once they open a new distribution hub in 2018 in Middletown. Faneuil Inc. will hire 300 workers once they open a new call center in Bristol in July. Primark just hired 220 employees when they opened a new retail store in Danbury. Subway will hire 150 employees over the next few years once they launch a new division at their headquarters in Milford. Big Y will hire 130 employees once they open a new store in 2018 in Marlborough. Gloucester Engineering will move 30 jobs in its production unit to Stonington.

As for layoffs and staff reductions announced in June, Dattco lost a bus service contract with a Hartford school, impacting 138 jobs. Boehringer Ingelheim is restructuring and they will eliminate 50 jobs at their location in Ridgefield.

Written by Alicia Sakal for Examiner. Photo by Mike Mozart, Flickr.com

One comment

  1. Good article, Alicia. However, in the scheme of things 1330 jobs are not many in light of widespread unemployment and underemployment. Of course, it’s better than going the other way.

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