6 Connecticut Companies Announce Hiring Plans

On Monday, the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) – Office of Research released their monthly Business and Employment Changes Announced in the Media report. For the month of February, six companies announced plans to seasonally or permanently hire a total of 1,615 employees.

For this year, Home Depot plans to hire 900 seasonal employees across the State this spring. Indeed, an online job board in Stamford, plans to hire 250 employees. As for the new YMCA in Putnam, they just hired 50 employees. Rhone Apparel, a new store in Stamford, just hired 15 employees.

Regarding longer term hiring plans, Walmart plans to hire 300 employees in 2017 once they open their new Monroe store. Pietro Rosa TBM, an aerospace company, plans to hire 100 employees over the next five years at their Farmington location.

However, with this good news, there’s also some bad news. Three companies announced layoffs for the same time period. MassMutual in Enfield plans to reduce its workforce by 100 employees. Biodel, a pharmaceutical developer in Danbury, just laid off 15 employees. Marinello Schools of Beauty closed all their locations across the state, and it is not yet clear how many employees this impacted.

Written by Alicia Sakal for Examiner.

Photo: Mike Mozart, Flickr.com

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