Press Release: FirstLight Drawdown Update

UPDATE: Candlewood Lake Drawdown Now Underway

New Milford, Conn. – FirstLight Power Resources (FirstLight), the owner and operator of the Rocky River Hydroelectric Power Station in New Milford, issued the following statement regarding the biennial shallow drawdown of Candlewood Lake:

“The shallow drawdown of Candlewood Lake was recently delayed by a mechanical malfunction of one the pumps used to refill the lake at the Rocky River Power Station.  FirstLight delayed the drawdown to ensure that the repairs made to the pump were successful. The second pump used for refilling the lake has been out for major rework.  Had the lake been drawn down without the availability of at least one pump the possibility existed that we would be unable to refill Candlewood Lake in time for the recreational season.  FirstLight successfully completed the necessary repairs on Saturday January 16 and immediately began drawing the lake level downward.  The approximate timetable for Candlewood Lake to reach the shallow drawdown level of 424′ is within the next three weeks or so, depending upon the weather and additional energy market dispatch factors as determined by ISO New England.”

Photo: Alicia Sakal

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