Jolly Old Saint Nick Arrives by Fire Truck at Holy Trinity

In the wee hours of morning on Saturday, Jolly Old Saint Nick was seen rolling into Holy Trinity’s parking lot with sirens blaring and lights flaring. Over 100 children, parents, and volunteers were in awe and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Once again, it was a magical moment for those who believe. After 36 years of Saint Nick arriving in style by fire truck, one would think the newness would wear off with parishioners and townspeople, but it never does!

In a private conversation with Jolly Old Saint Nick, he disclosed to Citizen News that Engine #2, driven by Jim Riley, is his all-time favorite vehicle. With a not so jolly Ho. Ho. Ho., Saint Nick somberly continued to say how it’s retiring soon and the last public appearance is at Breakfast with Santa. He quickly clarified… “I am not retiring. Only this old fire truck is.” Perhaps next year, Saint Nick will grow to like the shiny, new replacement firetruck.


As for what happened to all of Saint Nick’s reindeer who were supposed to pick him up when Breakfast with Santa was over, they are lost. Two reindeer assistants and the children are hoping Santa’s reindeer will easily see the glittery reindeer food from the sky because it was sprinkled on the front lawn outside the church. Naturally, Rudolph’s nose will also help guide them back. Everyone is hoping the reindeer will find their way back to Sherman to pick up Saint Nick well before Christmas Eve.

Short Story and Photos by Alicia Sakal.

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