Electric Boat and Doosan Fuel Cell America Are Creating 720 New Connecticut Jobs

On January 28, 2015 the Connecticut Department of Labor – Office of Research released their monthly report, Business & Employment Changes Announced in the News Media. The two companies with significant hiring plans are Electric Boat of Groton and Doosan Fuel Cell America of South Windsor.

Electric Boat, a General Dynamics company, already announced in late October of last year that they planned on creating 200 new jobs by 2016. Now, in light of the company’s recent expansion plans announcement, they will be adding 400 more new jobs. This brings the grand total of estimated new hires for the company to 600 for both the Groton and New London locations.

Another big hiring announcement came from Doosan Fuel Cell America, headquartered in South Windsor. This fuel cell manufacturer is a global leader in providing stationary fuel cell energy systems, and they plan on hiring 120 new employees this year.

Combined, both of these companies will be adding 720 new jobs to the Connecticut economy. Although this is positive news for the Connecticut job market, there were also four companies with layoff and staff reduction announcements in January that the Connecticut Department of Labor reported…

Xpect Discounts, a discount grocery store in Danbury, is closing its location in March and is eliminating 84 jobs. Waterbury Hospital reduced its workforce by 80 employees. Back9Network, a television network in Hartford, is reducing its workforce by 35 employees this year. RBS Securities in Stamford is reducing its workforce by 14 employees in March. The grand total of layoffs: 213.

Written by Alicia Sakal for Examiner.

Photo: US Navy Official Site, Courtesy of Electric Boat General Dynamics, flickr.com

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