Patriotic 4th of July Graphic T-Shirts for the Family

Product Review: Walmart, Old Navy, and Life is good American-Style Tees

patriotic t-shirt

My family and I love dressing up in red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. We just can’t help ourselves! We especially enjoy wearing trendy graphic tees to express our patriotism.

Here are 3 Well-Known Brands with Fourth of July T-Shirts for the Entire Family:

1. Walmart

My child outgrew his American Flag t-shirt from last year. On a whim, I made a quick stop at a nearby Walmart to see if they had any nice children’s graphic t-shirts.

What’s Nice: I was pleasantly surprised to find a “Made in the USA” American Flag t-shirt for him so I immediately bought it.

This 100% cotton boys and girls graphic t-shirt comes in red, gray, and blue. It’s well-made and the cotton fabric is thick. I have laundered it a few times, and so far, it has held up well in the washing machine and dryer.

The American Flag crew-neck graphic t-shirt comes in men, women, and children’s sizes.This tee is also available with a USA logo.

If Only: This patriotic t-shirt is a traditional, boxy style. Scoop-neck and v-neck options are not available. Free shipping on “nearly everything” over $50 is not exciting, and the online return policy is confusing.

The Walmart price is $4.88 each for all sizes. (This is likely why they can’t do better on the shipping charges.)

2. Old Navy

Don’t forget to get your 20th Anniversary Edition of “The Famous Flag Graphic Tees” if you collect them each year, like my husband does! He’s a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of a guy, and began collecting them several years ago.

What’s Nice: Old Navy certainly gives shoppers much variety to choose from. The tees come in many different styles like scoop-neck, v-neck, and crew-neck. The patriotic graphic design and color options are overwhelming, but in a good way. I gravitate to the fun retro styles. These graphic t-shirts are 100% cotton, lightweight, and long lasting.

Baby and Maternity sizes are also available aside from the standard men, women, and children’s sizes.

The low Old Navy price is $5 each for “The Famous Flag Graphic Tee” BUT be careful… There’s a similar looking Plus size style for $10.

The other patriotic styles range between $5 and $24.94, and even less when there is a good sale. The accessories, like the patriotic flip flops and totes, are too cute.

If Only: None of the patriotic graphic tees are available as “Made in the USA” and are “Imported”. The $50 minimum isn’t that appealing. (The returns are free.)

3. Life is good

“Stars and Stripes Forever” with the Life is good patriotic t-shirts line for the entire family.

What’s Nice: I am partial to modern v-neck t-shirts, and their American eagle graphic tee is my favorite women’s design. Their 100% cotton tees are extra soft, good quality, and long lasting.

I especially like that 10% of the net profit from every purchase goes to needy children.

The Life is good free shipping and return policy is exactly what I look for when shopping online, and I love this simple “no-hassle” approach to business.

The prices range between $18 and $26.

Their patriotic accessories like the caps, aprons, and tumblers are adorable.

If Only: The Fourth of July t-shirts are not 100% “Made in the USA”, and are assembled and dyed in Peru. (The cotton does come from America.)

This article and photo by Alicia Sakal was originally published in Yahoo! Parenting.


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